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Work from home opportunity

Looking for 4 serious individuals to join my enterprise! If I said you can make between 100$-300 + weekly. Only for posting advertisements online and to make referrals for a well established company that has been in business for over 30 years. All … Check more…

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Greetings. I need a 3D model to be designed for a simple mirror mount (see attached diagram). stl or obj preferred. It is required for us to be together while you’re designing the model. This will avoid a lot of back and forth and give the opportu … Check more…

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Fantasme (Laval)

Bonjour/Hi, J’ai depuis quelques temps un fantasme particulier à essayer (rien de bizarre ou illégal). Femme de 35 ans ou moins seulement, envoyez une photo si vous êtes curieuse d’en savoir plus. Rémunération à discuter. Je fournirai bien su … Check more…

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